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[SERN 32] SERIES Vol. 2



SERIES Media artists reappear with a compilation that will surely give plenty to talk about. Ten tracks from ten musicians disclose a responsible work and give a glimpse of wisdom and bring us closer to what we could call “a personal sound”: an almost refined aesthetics and a obliged distance with today’s trends. Therefore, genuine, reliable and the most important of all, lasting material.
If we go through this album with a pop approach, we find the Panorama track as the cherry on the top. It is a beautiful song that shows the well done work on the making of their next record. Giving guitars a new meaning, we take another route to find two profound and emotive tracks from Savan and Lucrecia, one closer to dance and the other towards country psychedelia. Reinforcing the history of this label, we find Emc², gladKazuka, Vélez, M.A.M.I. and Dijon triathlon spreading beats and atmospheres very familoiar to SERIES followers; five tracks spoken in the warm language of machines and let us appreciate the evolution that took place on the founding pillars of this label more than five years ago.
As precious gems, M.A.L.A. and Trópico Esmeralda tracks shine, the first one showing the endless possibilities of working with contagious rhythms, helping in the butt tone up; and the last one expanding the borders of free freakism but with a tropical tuxedo. A refreshing, interesting, and balanced record, perfect to start the second decade of the 21st century and to be able to belief that the end of the world is still far away, at least for this handful of brave artists. Long live to SERIES Media!

SERN 32 // 20 / 11 / 2010

01.. Trópico esmeralda - Mareol
02.. M.A.L.A. - Give it to me
03.. Savan - La playera
04.. Lucrecia dalt - Dirac
05.. Panorama - Paranoia
06.. Dijon triathlon - Purulent disease 02
07.. M.A.M.I. - MCaAPV
08.. Vélez - Renegader
09.. gladKazuka - Arpeggio style
10.. Emc² - Mientras dormías

<<download coverart
<<download full record (121 Mb)


Recorded in Medellin-Colombia
Coverart: Felipe Cuartas
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