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indie_djs's Journal

indie djs
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there are lots of communities out there for people who spin house, drum and bass, jungle, hip-hop, trance, breakbeat, etc etc etc... but there are a lot of us who don't fall anywhere in those specific genres. indie_djs is for you!!!

take a look at our interests below...if things look familiar to you, then you are in the right place. this community is for djs who don't limit themselves into playing one genre, but who embrace everything from indie rock and pop to shoegaze to downtempo electronic stuff and everything in between...

to keep things tidy, we ask you read the following guidelines before posting:

  1. Please make sure your post has a USEFUL subject! It makes things much easier to archive in the memories.
  2. NO band and/or community promotion! If you post something relevant to the community, and then mention your band and/or lj community as an aside, that's OK.
  3. Promote local DJ events! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put your geographic LOCATION in the SUBJECT line!!
  4. Flyers are OK - but PLEASE put them BEHIND A CUT!!! Don't blow up peoples' friends pages.

Be sure to check out the MEMORIES - there are lots of goodies in there. Not to be missed is the collection of setlists.

Thanks for joining indie_djs, now let's RAWK!

2 many djs, 4ad, ableton live, add n to (x), adult., air, american analog set, analogue, aphex twin, apples in stereo, arab strap, arovane, autechre, beastie boys, bedhead, belle and sebastian, bis, bjork, black rebel motorcycle club, bleepbloop, blonde redhead, boards of canada, boom bip, bowery electric, broadcast, c.o.c.o., caribou, cibo matto, clubbing, computerjockeys, dance disaster movement, dancing, death cab for cutie, detroit techno, djing, dntel, dreampop, drone, electro, electro djs, electroclash, electronic music, electronica, enon, ethereal sounds, experimental djs, experimental music, fabrice lig, farben, felix da housecat, female djs, figurine, fischerspooner, flowchart, four tet, futurepop, gemini, ghostly international, girl djs, goldfrapp, gotan project, gusgus, idm, indie djs, indie music, indie rock, interpol, isan, isotope 217, kleenex girl wonder, kraftwerk, kranky, ladytron, lali puna, lamb, laptop djs, laptop music, le tigre, luna, massive attack, matador, matmos, matthew dear, mira calix, miss kitten, mix tapes, mixing, mogwai, mouse on mars, ms. john soda, mum, music production, my bloody valentine, nightmares on wax, noise, numbers (the band), plaid, portishead, powerbook g4, prefuse73, radiohead, raum musik, records, red snapper, remixes, ricardo villalobos, ride, seely, selectors, shoegaze, sigur ros, sleater kinney, slowcore, slowdive, sneaker pimps, solex, sonic youth, spinning, spiritualized, spoon, squarepusher, stanton, stereolab, synth, synthesizers, technics, the cranes, the faint, the pixies, the postal service, the raveonettes, the sea and cake, the velvet underground, thievery corporation, thinnerism.com, to rococo rot, traktor, trans am, trapez, traum schallplatten, triphop, turntable rocker, turntables, turntablism, two lone swordsmen, underground music, vinyl, warp records, wire